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Basic Training & Coaching For Every Local Activist


Meet with Mary Baker personally for a one-hour, free video session to help shape your activism and activities in a way that fits your life, personality and available resources.

Anyone can learn how to be a successful local activist!

LocalActivist is a private social network available only to students and graduates of our renowned Citizen Ninja training course, taught by author, teacher and seasoned local activist, Mary Baker.

When you enroll, we will send you a copy of Mary’s textbook, Citizen Ninja: Stand Up To Power and you will gain access to our Internet training classroom. The basic class is four 2-hour workshops spread over four weeks.

In addition, you will receive full access to this social network site where you will receive ongoing coaching, support and networking with fellow Citizen Ninjas for one year. 

When your training is completed, you will have confidence and ability to present your thoughts and insights to anyone who needs to hear – in local meetings, neighborhood gatherings, family and friends.

What is Citizen Ninja training?

How to Become a Citizen Ninja™ is a workshop designed for concerned Americans who recognize they have a duty to engage in the civic process but are unsure how to go about it or are fearful of bully tactics being used against them.

Citizen Ninja makes the case for the importance of local civic participation. It educates, motivates, and activates beginner citizen activists and teaches how to participate in politics while providing a step by step guide on what to do.

Most importantly, it addresses the reasons that deter citizens from declaring their ideas, thoughts, and opinions in public.

Become a Citizen Ninja Today!

If your shipping address is in the United States, choose this option! Included in the training price is physical delivery of our textbook, Citizen Ninja: Stand up to Power.

If you live outside of he United States, shipping expense of our textbook is considerably higher and will take longer. We welcome all international students.

Some things you will learn

We don’t teach you about which issues to pursue, although many examples will be shared along the way. Rather, we will teach you how to effectively communicate and persuade in any situation. Successful local activism depends on your knowledge of and mastery over, the basics. Some things you will learn include,

  • How to discuss controversial topics with anyone
  • How to permanently sideline your fears
  • How to handle bullies in the public arena
  • How to present facts in order to overcome false narratives
  • How to persuade anyone to your position

As you practice your new Citizen Ninja skills, you will be amazed at the results you can achieve.

What to expect

Your initial enrollment is for a period of 12 months, you will gain access to the entire encrypted and private Local Activist network. You must be logged in to access the network and any Citizen Ninja training material.

After enrollment, it will take a few days for your text book, Citizen Ninja: Stand up to Power, to arrive. Each subsequent lesson will have assignments and homework from this book.

There are four main lessons in the basic Citizen Ninja training, each containing multiple topics. Video segments are associated with each step, along with workbook exercises. As you move through the course, your progress is recorded and you can repeat any portion if necessary.

We will host at least one live webinar each month to present ongoing Citizen Ninja segments and refreshers. If you miss a live presentation, you can listen to the recorded version afterward.

The private and encrypted social network features are only visible to logged-in users. You will be able to connect with other like-minded Citizen Ninjas to share ideas, stories, and strategies. This social interaction is critical to your overall experience and development.

What others are saying…

“It has been said every journey begins with a first step. What is also true that every journey requires preparation. The Citizen Ninja training provided by Mary Baker with additional insights by Patrick Wood is a unique practical offering to show you how to engage in the public square. This hands on training with tangible examples and proven strategies is an invaluable aid to anyone wishing to create positive community change through effective citizen engagement. If not now, when?” – ELK

“Thank you for implementing a creative approach to shining a bright light on tools we can easily use in our pursuit for truth. I urge all who see corruption in their midst to become a fellow Citizen Ninja and power up to do your part. I really enjoyed it and will highly recommend it.” – LR

“The skills I learned in the classes will allow me to engage in discourse now without fear of ending relationships with the people I love, but have profound disagreements with.” – DH

“Wasn’t sure what to expect. The workshop greatly exceeded my expectations. Thank you!” – LK

“The need for all serious citizens to take this seminar is urgent and most necessary.” – GW

“I am still on a high from our Citizen Ninja training class.  Boy, just wait until I put (some of) it in practice!” – PB

“An eye opener for me! I feel I can have a voice. I feel I will be protected by knowing the Delphi technique used against concerned citizens.” – TA

An eye opener for me! I feel I can have a voice. I feel I will be protected by knowing the Delphi technique used against concerned citizens.